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Bath Fizzies

Our bath fizzies are fabulous.  Incredible.  Relaxing.  Rejuvenating.  In fact, they ARE the bomb!  Drop one in your bath and relax while it fizzes, bubbles and foams, adding luxurious cocoa butter and fragrant oils to your tub.  While you're in there, wash with our soap and finish off by moisturizing with our body butter.  You'll feel like the God or Goddess you are meant to be!
Bath Fizzies are approximately 3 oz and are an absolute necessity in the tub.
Ingredients:  Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Citric Acid, Sodium Laurel Sulfoacetate (an environmentally safe ingredient, NOT to be confused with sulfates!), Cream of Tartar, Cocoa Butter, Kaolin Clay, Isopropyl Alcohol, water, Essential and/or Fragrance oils.
Bath Bombs

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