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Bath Bombs and Bath Salts

We are tweaking our bath bomb recipe to make our bombs the most luxurious out there.  Please be patient while we work on our formula.  With that said, our bath bombs and bath salts are fabulous.  Incredible.  Relaxing.  Rejuvenating.  Our bath salts are made with:  epsom salts, Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, and fragranced with essential oils.  Your skin will feel luxurious!  Our bath bombs ARE the bomb!  Drop one in your bath and relax while it fizzes away, adding luxurious olive oil and fragrant essential oils to your tub.  And, while you're in there, wash with our soap and finish off by moisturizing with our body butter.  You'll feel like the God or Goddess you are meant to be!
We are currently selling only bath bombs.  Women's, Men's and Children's.  The Children's Bombs each have a small treasure tucked within the bomb.  As it bubbles and fizzes, the treasure will appear.  NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 5 YEARS OF AGE - CHOKING HAZARD.

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